Corium Magazine – “Weightlifting”

I’m honored to be a part of Corium Magazine’s summer issue.  Ravi Mangla, who guest-edited this issue, is one of my favorite writers.  It was seriously cool to have him accept this story.   It’s called “Weightlifting.”  I remember struggling to write anything at all for NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction contest when I found some inspiration in my girlfriend’s kitchen scale, Ben Loory, and the Kite Runner.  Thanks for reading!

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The Office

For someone like me who doesn’t follow sports much, a favorite TV show is like a favorite sports team.  No respect for fair-weather fans i.e. “it was good until Steve Carell left” or “I stopped watching after season 3.”  There are rebuilding years and slumps, new management, free agents, and injuries/pregnancies.  But if it’s your favorite show, you stick with it and stick it out.  At its best and its worst, The Office was my favorite show.  The Office will always be my favorite show.


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